5 Destinations with the Best Outdoor Activities

Looking at great sceneries is not enough? Want to pump up the adrenaline with activities? Here are 5 Destinations that will not only come through with beautiful views but will also pump up your excitement with these outdoor activities!


Climb and Bounce

📍 Happy Beach, Cebu

It’s definitely a happy time here in Happy Beach, Cebu! Not only do you get to enjoy frolicking under the sun, but you’ll find yourself indulging in the wonderful pink paradise where you’re sure to take a million photos. Show off your strength and skills, too, as you climb up their fun inflatable park right in the ocean-- equally as pink and pastel!


Down and Dirty

📍 ATV Adventures, Rizal

Feel the thrill and let go as you ride through rocky roads and muddy paths. ATV Adventures in Rizal allows you to feel that adrenaline rush while still keeping your safety in mind. Don’t be afraid to get down and dirty-- it’s a one of a kind experience you’ll seldom have anywhere!


Dive and Snorkel

📍 Tropical Divers Dive Center, Bohol

Dive right into the depths of the sea with Tropical Divers Dive Center. It’s down here where you get to actually enjoy nature for its majestic beauty as you swim around with various fish species and turtles floundering by. You’ll really catch a breath or two when our oceans leave you awestruck.


Ride and Slide

📍 Paoay Sand Dunes Adventure, Ilocos Norte

Here’s another adrenaline boost: Paoay Sand Dunes Adventure is a ride that will surely get you screaming from the top of your lungs! Ride a 4x4 from the base of the dunes up to rolling unpredictable slopes. One minute you are up and the next you’re rolling down in this thrilling rough ride.


Jump and Fall

📍Fortune Island, Batangas

Once a luxurious island resort, what’s left of the place are just its ruins that still stand proud and beautiful amidst decay. Now known as Fortune Island, many tourists gather here to take breathtaking photos. And that’s not all. Brave souls put on their swimming gear and take the plunge as they cliff dive down the steep height of the rock, and we dare you, too!

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Thumbnail Photo Source: @positravelty