Where To Go For a Quick Weekend Escape

Where To Go For a Quick Weekend Escape

Where to escape from the hustle and bustle of the busy city for the weekend? We’ve found perfect getaways just a couple hours away from Manila that support your need for an urban zone out.


Daranak Falls

Tanay, Rizal Province

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It only takes a couple of hours from Manila to reach this 14-mile high waterfalls situated at the foot of Tanay mountain. Cascades of clear, falling water nestled in lush vegetation with other rivers and ponds. You can’t help but gawk at its natural, scenic beauty while getting lost in the tranquil mood.


Potipot Island

Candelaria, Zambales


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A classic white sand beach that never lost its charm. This small, beach bum haven still untouched by commercialization makes for the perfect opportunity to detach from the urban life. Bask in the zephyr that brings gentle waves and peaceful atmosphere.

Note: There are no available food, drinking water, and electricity as it’s still uncommercialized.


Sepoc Beach

Tingloy, Batangas

If you’re looking for an intimate time with nature and some isolation then this privately owned beach found at the western tip of Maricaban is for you. Besides swimming, there are other activities that’ll fill your itinerary. Diving at popular Sepoc point and wall, an easy trek for an unobscured view of nearby Sombrero island and many more as the area is by Anilao, which is the jump-off point.


Sisiman Bay

Mariveles, Bataan

In (Bataan) a rising eco-tourism destination, a rebuilt lighthouse stands proud on this photographer-frequented pebbled bay. Off the beaten track with a rustic charm and an incomparable sunset. Include trekking San Miguel Peak for a picturesque view of the bay’s entirety and a dip on the beach to complement your visit.
Note : Common bathrooms are scarce and bumpkinly.


Tangadan Falls

San Gabriel, La Union

The province is home to many majestic waterfalls like this one. A couple of minutes from the sleepy surf town of San Juan is a hiking adventure towards the two-tiered 40-foot falls with gushing cold, pristine waters. Reward yourself for reaching the site with a quick dip, or be a daredevil and cliff dive.