Best Dive Spots in the Philippines

Best Dive Spots in the Philippines
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In an archipelago made up of 7,641 islands complete with rich and beautiful marine life will you find yourself with a long list of where to take your next dive adventure. To help you out, Filipina freediver and co-founder of Seazoned Philippines Gen Abanilla shared with us her top dive spots in the Philippines. Let's dive right in!

What I love most about freediving is the silence and zen that it brings me on every dive. It’s like my daily meditation. You just go down and the chaos from above is gone.
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My all time favorite!

The famed largest reef system in Asia, second in the world (the first being The Great Barrier Reef in Australia). I love its diverse marine life.  Plus, I get to unplug from the online world because there's no mobile signal there which is perfect for those who really want to escape from the busyness of the city.



There’re 7 Japanese naval vessels sunk by battle scattered in this small area. Great for an exciting dive exploration.



Go here for its marine life and laid back vibes. Cabilao, Balicasag, Pamilacan, and Panglao are islands near Bohol that you can choose as a dive point. Each teeming with marine life and beautiful corals.




My hometown. I didn't expect it to be beautiful underwater until I started freediving which made me appreciate it more. Lobo has more to offer than just its beaches. It offers a great dive spot, with an underwater cave and a coral wall you should definitely check out when you dive by.



(If you’re new to diving) just keep on diving! It will be difficult at first. I’ve been there, too! But the reward lies on the journey of becoming a Freediver. You would get to know and explore your deepest self more.

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