Top Excuses that are Stopping You from Traveling

Top Excuses that are Stopping You from Traveling

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Goodbye excuses. Hello adventures! :-)


“I Can’t Travel, It’s Expensive”

“Traveling is so darn expensive!” — Most people would think like this and never try traveling. There are many ways on how you can book the best flights with the cheapest fares and there are other modes of transportation for you to try as well. Ride a bus or a ferry! It’s cheap, and it’s a completely unique, amazing experience or you can start with countries or places where food and accommodations are affordable like Vietnam, Bangkok , or even the 7,000+ islands in the Philippines?


“I Can’t Travel, I’m Alone”

They say no man’s an island, but any ‘man’ can travel islands alone! ;) Solo travels will teach you to explore places at your own time and pace, you'll even be able to talk to the locals better and immerse into the culture. Don’t even worry about your Instagram feed, with the new friends you’ll make, they’ll surely help you out for a photo or two.


“I Can’t Travel Now, Maybe Next Year”

That “I’ll just travel next year” will just push onto the following year. Change your perspective and decide to travel now since adventures are already waiting for you to discover! Maybe try booking a quick and simple weekend escape near Manila. Traveling doesn't always mean you have to book a flight!


“I Can’t Travel, I Don’t Speak the Language”

If you know English, then you’re already good to go. It’s not called the ‘universal language’ for nothing but not every person in the world can understand complete English, though, so it will be very handy when you learn the basic phrases of the cities you will be visiting. You can also download language apps like Babbel, Duolingo, and Memrise to help you learn the native tongue of the country or place you wish to visit.


“I Can’t Travel, I m Not Prepared”

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