When is the Best Time to Book your Flights?

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CheapAir.com recently released an Annual Airfare Study that is based on millions of passenger flights to see when is the best time to travel. Use these tips to get the lowest fares. ;-)


By the Season


During the spring season, airfares don't go up on specific days like they do for other, date-dependent holidays like Christmas or New Years but you still have to prepare for at least 84 days before booking your trip.


In CheapAir.com's study, they found out that flights are cheapest 99 days before your departure! Since almost everyone is craving for a summer getaway vacation, flight prices are higher and the best deals are more difficult to get.


Fall has a more laid back outlook when booking. CheapAir.com suggests booking flights about 66 days ahead of time but be prepared for the prices to go up nearing Halloween.


Winter is another season to look out for and it’s best to book 94 days before your flight and you’ll have to save up because prices will only go up nearing the holidays and will last until the New Year.


By the Destination


Europe's summer flights are the cheapest they’ve ever been in the recent years and according to CheapAir.com, the lowest fares are found 160 days before and the best flight deals for travel will start from June to September.


Asia flights are on average the cheapest 120 days from your departure. Also, cheapest flights can be found in June!


If you are planning to go to Africa, then you’ll need lots of planning not just with your flight but also your itinerary! Try looking and working with a safari expedition specialist about 6 months in advance and for the least expensive flights, you’ll need 199 days before your departure, CheapAir.com says.


By the Day of the Week


Better to book on a weekday to get more deals and have less competition from other travelers that will fly on the weekends.


Have you heard of Travel Deal Tuesday? On this day of the week, you’ll usually get the lowest prices and the chance to book the best seats but the catch is, you’ll have to travel in the middle of the week.


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