Girl We Love: Isabella Fernandez

Fun fact about you

I consider myself an adventurous eater! Take me to the wet market or a fancy restaurant, I’ll eat practically anything...except carrots and peas.

What do you like most about traveling?

It’s a chance to reset and re-assess where I am. I often get caught up in my daily routine that I sometimes forget that I am more than just the work that I do. But travelling is a reminder to expand the mind, pamper the body, and feed the soul. It’s through travelling and taking that break from my day-to-day life that I become more energized and ready to tackle the challenges of work!

...travelling is a reminder to expand the mind, pamper the body, and feed the soul

What do you do when you're not traveling? 

I am the co-founder and co-designer for Alba Manila, a swimwear brand that creates body-inclusive pieces for women. Working on expanding our line and sharing our advocacy of body-positivity takes most of my time! But if you can’t find me in front of the computer, planning the next photoshoot, or selling at bazaars, I’m most likely at the gym or working on a new painting!

Any surprising things you bring with you when you travel?

There are two things I can’t break from my daily routine: exercise and coffee. Usually a good swim or paddle-board session is enough of a workout, but on less-adventurous days I really make the effort to find how I can work my body. So every time I leave town, I bring my sneakers and a set of workout clothes. No excuses, even on vacation!

My day starts with a good cup of coffee. I can get really picky with my coffee, so whenever possible, I’ll bring around my own coffee grounds and french press! Some people may call that obsessive, but I’m just trying to make sure that I start my day right!


What's the last trip you took?

My family often takes overnight trips to our house in Batangas for a recharging weekend and to make it feel like our second home. But over the holidays, we took a trip to Balesin. It’s always a great beach destination, full of activities on the shore or in the forest, so everyone in the family has something to do!

Favorite hotel/accommodation you've stayed at

Château de Razay in Loire, France. It’s not my usual scene--I much prefer being someplace warm, by the ocean--but I really love this place. Loire Valley is full of beautiful fields and forests, but it’s most known for being the country getaway for many European royalty! Château de Razay was converted from one of the smaller heritage buildings, so you get to experience living like French royalty for a few nights!


What's the one place you keep going back to:

Bologna, Italy. It’s a beautiful and sunny place that not a lot of people remember to visit. You’ll get the best of the best of Italian food and a gorgeous city. Between spring and summer, us Pinays feel just at home because the region gets fantastic warm weather!


Top 3 places on your must-visit list: 

If I were to recommend three places to visit, I would start with Paris. It’s a non-negotiable stop on your next European adventure. It’s magical and timeless, and you will never get bored of it!

A less-known European destination would be Opatija, Croatia. It’s a coastal town that sees fewer tourists than other spots, but you’ll get to experience what a European beach trip is like.

And of course, back home I would always recommend El Nido, Palawan. Swimming in the crystal waters is like living in a dream. Everyone should visit Palawan at least once in their lives!

My top three destinations I’d love to visit are Siargao here at home, Barcelona in Spain, and Cappadocia in Turkey!

What do you like most about Wink?  

I had such a fantastic experience with Wink. Everyone is knowledgeable and kind, so they made a new and possibly scary experience very pleasant and enjoyable! The staff took very good care of me, and the procedure was so quick that I easily got to squeeze an appointment in between errands. I’m excited to visit the studio again!

How does Wink help you with your travels? 

I love makeup, but lugging around my entire makeup kit while I travel can be such a pain! Plus, there are many places like beaches and mountains where I’d like to forget makeup and just enjoy the adventure. With Wink’s laser facial, my skin is more vibrant, my pigmentation is evened out, and I have less marks to worry about while I’m travelling. I can now simplify my travel beauty routine and take great photos on my trips with just a layer of sunblock, some mascara, and a natural lippie!

With Wink’s laser facial, my skin is more vibrant, my pigmentation is evened out, and I have less marks to worry about while I’m travelling