Best Travel Advice from Travelers

Going traveling? Take these go-to travel advice as told by our favorite travelers to help you maximize your time and money on the road!

Take lots of pictures, but don’t forget to appreciate what’s in front of you! You can also keep a journal. It’s nice to jot down ideas or draw beautiful things during your travels.
— Sam Corrales

A friend once told me that if you’re traveling to a developed city, you can get good deals if you book online but when you’re traveling to more remote areas it would be best to not book online but look for deals when you get there. I’ve definitely saved a lot because of this! Also, if you book online, leave reviews. Other travelers will find it really helpful and you might even get credits or perks (depending on the booking website policy).
— Denise Olondriz

Go at your own pace and don’t be afraid to go out of your own, if there is something you really want to do, there’s no shame in telling your group “Hey, I really want to see this. It’s okay if you’re not into it. We can meet up later.” I feel like so many people sacrifice they’re interests because they’re shy. Traveling is a luxury, always make the most of it.
— Cass Venzon

One travel advice I will give is to always leave room for the unexpected. Usually those are the best memories in a trip. Keep your mind open to trying to new things, and not be so stuck on the “must do’s” all the time. Oh, and one more thing, don’t forget to pack underwear. ;)
— Ayla Gomez


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Thumbnail Photo Source: @callia_m